10 Best Things to Do In Kirkland

There is no doubt that Kirkland is a place that was mainly founded on a dream. It was built by a prominent businessman from Britain. He decided that it was indeed a suitable place to build a steel town. There are a lot of amazing things to see not only when you are travelling, but also when you are there. Here are some of the best things you need to do while in Kirkland.

Tour the Kirkland Corridor

From many people attestations, this is one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the area. It will take you through the beautiful city. Also if you want to access the Park and Ride area, you can use this route. You will discover very stunning facilities as you travel.

Take a Scenic seaplane tour

Seaplane tour is actually one of the most exciting expeditions. In this town, you will be provided with a variety of tours. Whether you want to fly to select areas or over Kirkland, everything is catered for. You will learn more about the place you are touring.

Take a Snoqualmie Falls Wine Tour

The fall is home to some of the world best wineries. If you have ever participated in any of the winery tours you can agree with me that they are spectacular. Besides knowing more about the winery, you will get a rare chance to taste. In addition, the waterfall is massive.

Visit University Village

This village is proximate to Kirkland. The trip is worth your time. Usually, the outdoor shopping Centre consists of several boutiques that are owned by local business people. Away from that, there is a diverse collection of high-end restaurants.

Cruise Lake Washington

Do you want real fun when you visit Kirkland? Consider booking a cruise of Lake Washington and you will never regret. In this place, you will find some reputable cruise providers who offer multiple destinations on the lake – take a look on best ferry trips from seattle.

Visit the Bellevue Botanical Garden

Over the years, the botanical garden has been known to offer extremely beautiful refuge. The garden has been well cultivated. It boasts of restored woodlands. You will never lack something fun when you visit the garden.

Go Shopping at Bellevue Square

For the last couple of years, it has been offering the area residents some of the most amazing shopping experience in the area. Besides having upscale shops, they boast of 5-star restaurants. Moreover, the shopping complex is beautifully decorated.

Spend your Afternoon at the Techcity Bowl

Do you enjoy bowling? This is the right place for you. The scoring system is out of this world. Actually, they offer unique bowling events such as Cosmic Bowl. They still provide other arcade games if one of your members don’t like bowling.

Go to Cafe Juanita

If you want to know more about the culture of this place, this is the most recommended place to visit. They will offer you a wine list and an unforgettable dining experience.

Tour the Chain line Brewing Company

This is the newest brewery in Kirkland. They have continued to gain a lot of popularity for their Lagers. Children are offered special tours as you sip your wine.